A different world is possible!

More&More helps you imagine worlds you want to live in and form a new perspective on today.

Our framework is popular with teachers at all levels, conference organizers, and creative groups and individuals looking to break old patterns of thinking and envision new possibilities!

Card Decks

More&More Card Decks come in physical and digital formats, and in a variety of themes. The cards can be used in workshops, as conversation-starters, and for play with groups or individually, to spark creative reimagining of the present.

Play online, or order a physical deck.

Working With Us

We collaborate with organizations to design and run custom workshops, create themed decks, and also offer facilitation tools and training. A typical workshop is a 2-3 hour experience in-person or online.

To learn more about working with us, see our Introduction Slides, or email us at moreandmoreunlimited@gmail.com

About the Project

Since 2016, our cards and workshops have been used in contexts from schools, to community groups, museums, parties, and more. An installation version of the project, WHAT IF?, was recently at MoMA!

The project continues to grow and evolve, with the help of many collaborators!