More&More is an arts collective whose projects help you imagine different worlds and form a new perspective on today. Since 2014, our work has been supported by Princeton University, Rice University, the Museum of Modern Art, bitforms gallery, and MTA Arts & Design.

More&More projects come in many forms including workshops, playing cards, curricula, and art installations. Our flagship project, More&More Futures is a game centered on a deck of cards, which can be used by individuals or in facilitated workshops.

More&More Futures is popular with teachers at all levels, conference organizers, and creative groups and individuals looking to break old patterns of thinking and envision new possibilities!

Our work relies on the idea that imagining different worlds is a first step in creating a better one today. A different world is possible!

Our Card Decks

At the core of the More&More framework are decks of playing cards that come in digital and physical formats. Our cards have been used in classrooms and by organizations and individuals around the world since 2016!

Our playing cards include evocative scenarios that encourage you to ask: if this is true… what else might be true? and feature scenarios from the perhaps-plausible to completely absurd. More&More can be used in workshops, icebreakers, conferences, classrooms, parties … or on your own!

We currently offer a few types of decks: 

WHAT IF? bicycle decks include 55 unique scenarios that are quick starting points for imagination or conversation. 

Workshop Decks are larger (~155) card decks divided into 11 categories + role cards and best used in facilitated workshops or longer play sessions. We encourage players to choose six cards, each from a different category, as a starting point for imagining a world you want to live in. Then, players inhabit that world by choosing a role card and making or writing from a first-person perspective, and reflect: what aspects of your imagined world would you like to see today?

Order Printed Decks

We now have an online store where you can purchase printed decks, facilitation scripts, and Print-and-play PDFs!

Visit More&More Store

To support educators and other change-makers, our digital decks are always available for use online for free!

Working With Us

In addition to offering our card decks and facilitation scripts, we also work directly with organizations in a variety of ways:

Pro Facilitation + Facilitator Training

More&More can facilitate workshops with your group, as well as teach you to facilitate your own. A typical More&More workshop is a 3-hour experience that can happen in-person or online for outcomes ranging from team-building, sparking creative thinking, building mutual understanding, developing shared goals, and more.

Custom Workshop Development

The More&More framework can be easily adapted. We often work directly with organizers to create custom content in the form of special cards and prompts that suit the specific needs, goals, and circumstances of a group.

We have created custom workshops ranging from icebreakers with organizations of 110 people to kickstart strategic planning to smaller teams looking align their values in order to revise their mission statement; creative contexts for people to get to know each other; activists groups looking to build solidarity; and more.

Themed Deck Development

We love working with scholars and subject matter experts to develop themed-decks that address specific contexts and ideas. We have a practiced methodology for working with experts and translating their area-specific knowledge to our framework. We are especially passionate about developing decks that can help translate important, complex topics to the public, and inspire change.Would you like our team to facilitate a workshop for your organization? Are you interested in collaborating on a theme deck? Other questions, comments?

Who Are We?

Photo of Marina Zurkow

Marina Zurkow’s prolific career—with accolades including a Guggenheim Fellowship and grants from Creative Capital and the Rockefeller Foundation—is focused on nearly-impossible nature/culture  intersections, from invasive species to climate change. Her outputs range from animated software to climate dinners. She has been on faculty at NYU NY, NYU Abu Dhabi, and Bennington College. More on Zurkow’s work at: o-matic.com

Photo of Sarah Rothberg

Sarah Rothberg’s research explores the impacts of technology on culture. As a Full-Time Faculty member at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP), Rothberg works to bring critical thinking through experiential learning to technology, art, and design students. Rothberg has worked with organizations from Bell Labs to NEW INC, and with companies including Apple, Adobe, and Samsung. More on Rothberg’s work: sarahrothberg.com

Our Wonderful Partners

More&More has had phenomenal collaborators, partners, and supporters. We thank them!

Website development and design

Pat ShiuNancy Nowacek

Theme designers

Ecospheric Cosmologies: Una Chaudhuri

Waste: Joseph Campana, Ashley Jane Lewis, Lydia Jessup, and the fellows of “Wastes: Histories and Futures” at Rice University’s Humanities Research Center

Original More&More Collaboration

Surya Mattu

Thank you to

Center for Environmental Studies at Rice University, for the generous support for developing this website + the Blue Lab at Princeton University.

Everyone who has been involved in the project, including:

  • Joseph Campana
  • David Zicarelli
  • Allison Carruth
  • Alexander Duncan
  • David Guzman
  • Manish Bhardwaj
  • Our PhD cohort and advisors at Princeton: Christine Blackshaw, Ipsita Dey, Patrick Jaojoco, Anin Luo, Sofia Menemenlis, Sofia Rojo
  • Investing in Futures: Beyond Policing (including Ashley Jane Lewis, Neta Bomani, Lydia Jessup, Elizabeth Perez)
  • Kickstarter (and specifically, Stephanie Pereira)
  • Our many playtesters, including Bennington College, Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies, Society for Literature Science and the Arts, New York University, University of Rochester, and NADA Art Fair.